Asile approaching Wicklow Head

Whistle Stop Tour update, Thursday 3 June

Latest news

Provisional bookings so far: 14 boats, 35 people (Rhapsody 4, Adastra 2, Timballoo 4, Thinksys 2, Long Time 1, Elida 2, Asile 2, Rockabill 2, Enigma 3, Ostara 2, Katrina II 2, Ransom 2, Undine 3, Gusto 4)
In Dun Laoghaire, the Royal Irish Yacht Club will be our host for dinner and berthing.
In Wicklow we can use the sailing club roof, but we can only confirm berths on the pier a couple of days in advance.

Thinking of joining us?

If it’s possible you might come too, please submit a provisional booking. You won’t have to pay yet, and it will help us with our planning.

Changed your mind?

After you submit a provisional booking, you can change it at any time. Just visit the booking form again, fill in only the fields you want to change and the Boat name, and submit it. To cancel the booking, change the Headcount field to zero. We’ll update our records.

What does 'Catering with' mean?

When we dine together ashore we must form pods of six people. We’ll allocate pods if necessary, but this is your chance to name boats or people you want in your group. We won’t publish this information so don’t be shy.