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The heartbeat of the CAI winter programme is a weekly club night. Every Wednesday evening from 19:30 until 21:00 a Zoom room is open for members to drop in and chat.

Occasionally we’ll turn the room over to a speaker, and there will be time for questions and general discussion afterwards. We’ll announce the speakers well in advance on WhatsApp, the website and the newsletter.


We maintain a private WhatsApp Community containing several groups for the exclusive use of CAI members.

At present there are three discussion groups, but others may be added and removed in future. Current members are free to join and leave these groups at any time.

  • CAI Clubhouse – conversation related to cruising in general
  • CAI Sailing – current or planned sailing events or individual cruises
  • CAI Regulation – discussion about yacht registration, Brexit, international travel restrictions, qualifications and legal matters

The committee can send messages to the whole community in a special ‘Announcements‘ group (This replaces the group ‘CAI Newsroom’ which is redundant and will be removed).

Important: Please identify yourself properly by configuring your WhatsApp settings. Your profile picture should be a photograph of yourself or your boat. You should fill in your real name in the profile so that the administrators and other members know who you are. To protect your privacy we review group membership regularly, and we’ll remove any group member we can’t identify.

You’ll find detailed instructions for your device on the WhatsApp website: How to edit your profile


Be kind, helpful, positive and inclusive.
Identify yourself. Edit your WhatsApp profile to show your name and a photograph (preferably your face, not your dog or boat). How?
• Choose the right audience for your message. Avoid cross-posting to many groups.
• In specialised forums, stick to the topic.
Avoid divisive subjects like religion and politics.
• Help to police the community. Use a private message to point out an inappropriate post.