Malahide Muster 29th May ~ Fitzpatrick Salver Goes to its New Home

The year began with a little more optimism as the CAI Committee set the calendar for 2021 with dates set for the various events to allow members to plan their summer cruising.

The Dun Laoghaire Muster on 24th April organised by Clifford Brown and Noel Lappin, was well attended by 15 boats and the members enjoyed a great sail in company and anchorage off the north Dun Laoghaire pier.

The next event was the Malahide Muster on 29th May organised by Vincent Lundy and Paul Fay. It was impossible to predict the weather while planning the event and it had to be structured to meet the highest standards of safety. A wet Friday tested the oilskins of the sailors but the sun shone for the weekend bringing out the sunhats and suncream.


Malahide is a beautiful place with a scenic channel entry to the marina and is a favoured location for members. Berthing in a strong current can be a challenge but local advice and willing onshore helping hands ensured everybody tied up snugly.

The event was organised with the support of the local sailing community. Malahide Marina generously offered a fifty percent berthing discount to CAI participating boats and Malahide Yacht Club and the Malahide Sea Scouts joined with the CAI for the cruise and BBQ.


Timballoo was first to Malahide from its Howth base and although Vincent as a past commodore of MYC would have been familiar with Malahide Marina berthing, it took Timballoo two attempts to berth! The second attempt was a piece of cake on choosing a leeward pontoon. Asile was next to arrive on Friday and Timballoo was there as shore support to take the lines. Gradually the boats started arriving with six boats overnighting on the Friday.

The gods blessed us on Saturday with a pleasant summers day, too warm for our usual sailing gear. There was little wind early in the morning but as the day progressed the wind began to fill in and it looked promising for the cruise around Lambay Island which was scheduled to start with a gathering at the Malahide safe water mark at 13:00. The boats from the marina were met by the other boats arriving from otherports and the fleet set off to round Lambay Island. The wind was acomfortable 10Knts from the SE but died as the boats rounded close to the south of the island before picking up again. It was fabulous sailing and the boats looked resplendent under full sail and flying colourful insignia of their clubs and the CAI. By 17:00 all the boats had berthed in the marina and prepared for the BBQ.


More than one hundred and twenty sailors and over thirty boats participated in the event in one way or another. Ninety seven sailors booked the BBQ and the appetites were whetted by the aroma of the charcoal wafting over the marina.

Margaret and Paul Fay organised the sequence of calling the boats on VHF to proceed to the marina boat yard to collect their BBQ. They called the boats furthest from the BBQ area first, reminding them to bring their own plates when collecting their food orders. The BBQ consisted of a choice of steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian followed by a fresh fruit pavlova or apple pie both lavished with fresh cream if so desired. Noel our caterer, who looked after us last year in Malahide, provided us with equally excellent food and service.

Sailors dined aboard their boats in pods and enjoyed a pleasant evening, good food, surroundings and company. There was some late night stargazing and a series of Starlinks satellites were spotted high over the mast of Enigma!


Fitzpatrick Salver Presentation

The CAI guests of honour were the President of the Malahide Yacht Club, Martin Clancy and his partner Aideen. Martin doesn’t miss a chance to put on his reefer blazer and so Vincent was left no choice but to dress accordingly. It was an opportunity to dress for the occasion and display our thanks and respect to Darina and Clifford Brown who were awarded the Fitzpatrick Salver for their support to the CAI last year in ensuring a summer cruise was compliant with public health measures. At the 2021 AGM we were able to do a Zoom virtual presentation with pictures of the silver platter. The Malahide Muster offered the perfect opportunity to deliver the Fitzpatrick Salver into the hands of its rightful recipients, Darina and Clifford. 

From left to right, Honorary Secretary of the CAI, John Leahy, recipient Clifford Brown, Commodore of the CAI Vincent Lundy, recipient Darina Brown and President of the Malahide Yacht Club Martin Clancy.

Most visiting boats had left Malahide Marina by 15:00 on Sunday heading to their home ports. They faced a strong running tide and a brisk SE breeze of about 17knts. The sea was flat and the sun was shining and the memories of good company and food made for happy hearts and the expectation of other wonderful events to come.

I commend everyone who participated as they behaved impeccably with their show of friendliness and respect for the safety of their fellow sailors. I thank the organisers, CAI committee, Malahide YC, Malahide Marina, the catering staff and all who took part to make the weekend so successful.

Below is a list of boats that participated in the Malahide Muster May Malahide 2021 event.

Twenty visiting boats:-

Asile, Rhapsody, Rockabill, Jigsaw, Timballoo, Beluga, Enigma, Marie Claire II, Joslim, Blue, Katrina II, Thinksys, Maggie Bee, Saoirse, Púcabán, Gusto, Nos Na Gaoithe, Cop On, Spiral Moon, Wild Goose

Twelve resident boats:-

Allegro, Focuz, Long Time, Mon Reve, Ostara, Phixius, Sea Jay, Seod Na Farraige, Thira, Kahera, Sea Scouts I, Sea Scouts II

The next event is our “Whistle Stop Tour” cruise in company which begins with a muster in Dun Laoghaire on 22nd June and finishes in Malahide on 30th June. Details may be found on our website where you may also register your interest. There is a great collection of videos and photographs on the website for you to enjoy covering the Malahide Muster and other past events. Well worth a visit!

A special welcome to our new members – I hope they enjoyed the event and got a flavour of what the CAI has to offer.

I wish you fair winds and safe, enjoyable cruising, and I look forward to meeting you at our next event in June.

Vincent Lundy


Co edited by Clifford Brown