The Cruising Association of Ireland - A merry band of sailors with the common interest of cruising. All bound together with a love of the water, memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

From our commodore

The Cruising Association of Ireland was founded more than twenty years ago by and for cruising sailors.

  • We encourage people to go cruising, both by organising overnight rallies and longer cruises, and providing discussion forums for sharing plans.
  • We provide information to help cruising sailors. Our website contains links to reference information, articles, event reports and news. In the winter, we organise talks on relevant topics. We arrange training for our members.
  • We represent the interests of cruising sailors to public authorities and private organisations.
  • We promote cruising in the boating community and to the general public.

Sailing clubs organise events and activities for their members, and some of the larger clubs have formal cruising groups. Many cruising sailors don’t belong to a club at all, and in many clubs racing gets much more attention than cruising.

We welcome anyone who is interested in cruising on Ireland’s coasts in any kind of boat, regardless of experience or ambition. We value the companionship and confidence that comes from cruising together. For only €30 a year (€45 for a family) members get full access to all our activities and resources.

I hope you’ll join us afloat for some of our sociable adventures!

John Murphy, Commodore, April 2024

Portrait of John Murphy, afloat.
John Murphy
CAI Commodore
Britannia bridge about 1852

Summer Cruise 2024 – Crew Wanted

If you want to cruise in North Wales with us this month, but don’t have a suitable boat in the right place, consider crewing on someone else’s boat.

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Cruising stories

We are always looking for stories about cruising. Please write about your experiences for the benefit of the cruising community.

Britannia bridge about 1852

Summer Cruise 2024 – Time to commit

With only a couple of weeks to go, it’s time to confirm your booking by paying the administration fee. New briefing notes are available too.

Cruising in company with the bonus of safety in numbers and friendships to last a lifetime.

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