CAI Visit Carlingford

CAI Visit Carlingford August 2022 Carlingford is a magical village on the southern shore of Carlingford Lough. The name derives  from Old Norse Kerlingfjǫrðr ‘narrow sea-inlet of the hag’. Historical records show the Vikings occupied Carlingford Lough as it is a naturally secure inlet. I’m not sure this was

Whistlestop Tour 2022- Malahide Muster

Malahide Muster Meal and Berthing Reservations 14-15th May 2022 Remembering the 2019 Muster https://cruising.ie/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Malahide-Muster.mp4 Bookings and Reservations Open Now The Malahide Muster is always a memorable event. The event is open to members of the Cruising Association of Ireland and affords discounted berthing and a BBQ meal.  Not a member