Whistle Stop Tour 2021 update, Friday 11 June

Latest news

With less than two weeks to go, we have 19 boats with 52 people booked for the cruise.

The itinerary has changed. We can’t stay in Howth, so on Saturday 27 June we’ll be heading for Dublin instead. Dublin Port will open the Tom Clarke bridge for us, and the fleet will berth at the long pontoon near the 3 Arena.

At the other stops the detailed preparation is going well, with enthusiastic cooperation from marinas and sailing clubs.

During the next week, medium-range weather forecasts will start to give us a feel for the conditions at sea. Fingers crossed!

What's next?

We’ll soon be accepting payment, confirming bookings and selling meal tickets on the website. To sail through that procedure without fuss, skippers should do a bit of homework now.

  • Join the CAI. We don’t mind about the crew, but the skipper must be a member.
  • Check you can log in. Username is your email address, and the password was sent to you when you joined. If it doesn’t work first or second time, ask for help or use the ‘forgot password’ link.
  • Collect information. For berthing we’ll need: length, draft, hull colour, make and model. For Covid tracing we’ll need the name and telephone number of everyone who might be aboard for any part of the cruise.
  • Form a catering group. You’ll be spending time with your ‘pod’ of 6 people, so talk to your friends. If you don’t express a preference we’ll choose a group for you.
  • Prepare a food order for the Arklow barbecue. Are there special dietary requirements? Desserts all round?
  • Be ready to pay. Have your card to hand.

Is the boat ready?

Rafting requires two very long ropes and plenty of fenders.

For Skerries you’ll need anchoring gear that works.

For more help and advice, try the CAI Clubhouse WhatsApp group. It’s full of experienced cruising folk.

Don't delay

A provisional booking is quick and easy, and you can change your mind any time.

There’s a limit on the fleet size, and we’ll make a waiting list if necessary.

Thursday 17 June is the last day we’ll accept bookings and confirmation. After that, provisional bookings will lapse and we’ll take a boat from the waiting list instead.