CAI Membership

Membership Renewal 2024 – Update

In 2023 we had 47 families and 147 single members. So far, 29 families and 94 single members have paid for 2024 (renewals and new members). There are still a lot of membership renewals outstanding.

Membership subscriptions were due in January, and during February reminders will go out by email to all who were members last year but haven’t yet paid for this year. At the beginning of March, anyone who still hasn’t paid will cease to be a member.

This year we’ll be enforcing that policy more strictly than before. Non-members will still be on the newsletter mailing list, but they will lose access to the website and the official CAI WhatsApp groups. They won’t be allowed to participate in the events we organise either.

For payment information see this article:
If you aren’t sure of your own status just ask – Simon Parker 0872497859