Writing for the CAI

from John Murphy

As the end of the sailing season approaches and the evenings are getting shorter, we will soon turn to thinking about Autumn and Winter pursuits. Well perhaps not just yet, but I’d like to suggest that you might find time as the evenings get darker to consider writing up some of your nautical adventures from last year and indeed before that.

One thing is certain about the CAI: our membership has a vast fund of stories from each of our own sailing histories. These stories could be Cruise Logs, Adventures and Voyages, Life Stories, or even the story of how you got into sailing. You’ll likely know the page at the back of Yachting Monthly where sailors own up to disasters and near misses; well, we have a great one to share soon, from a well-known committee member! There is so much to learn from confession pieces too!

Lastly: there are at least two members on extended cruises just now, we’ll be hoping to get some great stories from their long voyages.

Already I have promises of submissions from all the above categories (as a volunteer editor) and they will be published via our weekly email and on the web site. Today the Booker Prize Short list was announced, perhaps we can have a CAI short list to win the Log of the Year, the Confession of the year and so on! We can all learn from each other’s stories and adventures; isn’t that what the CAI is all about?

Send your contributions, in any format, to

John Murphy, Editor and Vice-Commodore