Whistle Stop Tour incorporating Malahide Muster – Report

Fourteen boats registered for all or part of the event. Some planned to visit only the northern ports, some the southern ports, and some only intended to participate at the weekends. At the Malahide Muster on the first night of the cruise forty guests enjoyed a barbecue and musical session at Malahide Yacht Club. After the meal the tour participants held a conference to review plans in the light of forecast strong southerly winds. Although a night at anchor in Skerries was feasible the chance of reaching Poolbeg from there were slim.

In the end we settled for lunch at anchor in Talbot’s Bay, Lambay Island. From there three boats headed for Dun Laoghaire in the last of the Easterly breeze, and on Monday five boats gathered at Poolbeg to enjoy the club’s hospitality. We abandoned the Wicklow and Arklow stops and cancelled arrangements with caterers, clubs and marina. We still hoped to reach Greystones on Friday, but in the end the weather and sea state put paid to that plan too.

In Dun Laoghaire on Saturday we had arranged berthing and dinner with the Royal St George Yacht Club. Tour participants from local and visiting boats attended, and since the club was willing and able to handle more guests we invited all CAI members to join us. Hearing that a fleet of cruisers from Bray Sailing Club were due to be visiting for the weekend we invited them too. Nearly 30 sailors enjoyed a two-course meal and some music to round off the week.

Although the fleets were small and bad weather disrupted the plans, those who ventured out enjoyed good sailing, good food and good company. We are grateful to our host clubs and to the organisers including Vincent Lundy, Noel Lappin, John Murphy and Mike Kelly.