Bon voyage, nos amis!

This week a fleet of 12 cruising boats from two French clubs crossed the Celtic Sea and sailed up the Irish Sea bound for Scotland.

The first of their major stopovers was in Dun Laoghaire, where the Royal Irish Yacht Club hosted a barbecue to welcome them. The club kindly extended an invitation to our Association.

During a convivial evening the visiting fleet’s lead skipper, Didier Favez, accepted burgees from the Association and the Club and offered their own in return. Later we also exchanged songs and played music together.

The next big stopover is in Oban (18 June), then they will head for the Outer Hebrides where the fleet will gather in Lochboisdale (2 July). From there boats will make their way home via Bangor (10 July), and most will reach France in late July or early August.

The detailed plan is on the club websites: