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TNT 20th October 2020 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ Collision Regulations by John Leahy

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Firstly welcome to our next Tuesday Night Talk (TNT!) The TNT’s commenced on 06th October 2020 over the autumn and winter. Please log in early to check your connection and chat with like minded friends, new and old alike. Please remember that John will open Zoom at 19:00 hrs for member chat and audio tests. The talks will commence at the new time of 19:30hrs
We will try to fill every second Tuesday with either a speaker event or a navigational tutorial style talk. Indeed talks on any subject of interest to the cruising community are welcome. To that end, we invite suggestions from members who either have a good subject to discuss or know someone who does!

John Leahy
Hon Sec., CAI
email honsec@cruising.ie

TNT Talk 20th October 2020 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ Collision Regulations and Buoyage by John Leahy

John Leahy

Hon Sec. John Leahy needs no introduction to our membership.  An Ocean Yachtmaster John brings a lifetime of experience for our benefit.

Capt Leahy in cockpit seat

The talk will cover the Collision Regulations COLREGS and buoyage


“All our tutorials are fun to take part in and meant to only concentrate on things that may actually happen to you in the real world of cruising. We will avoid any theoretical or hypothetical subjects, such as working out secondary ports to the nearest cm of tide.”

We will also refer to the electronic version of the same subject so that you can see how to do things the IPAD/Electronic way, as well as the more traditional route.

Links for further study thanks to Kevin Cardiff

Imray rules and signals App

Rules of the Road App

Understanding buoys video

Day shapes and sound signals – test yourself video

Nav lights – test yourself video

The style of these nav. talks is light-touch and we will leave 30 minutes at the end for Q&A.

There will be time afterwards for a general discussion on the winter program and any matters of interest to members

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We look forward to seeing you there.

John Leahy
Hon Sec CAI