TNT 26th January 2021 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ From Ireland’s Eye to Rockabill—the seabirds and heritage of Fingal’s coast and islands

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From Ireland’s Eye to Rockabill

the seabirds and heritage of Fingal’s coast and islands​
Birdwatch Ireland

Frank is a voluntary member of the Fingal Branch of BirdWatch Ireland. He has contributed to bird conservation over decades, collecting census data to monitor fluctuations in their population. He has participated in numerous environmental surveys for BirdWatch Ireland and Fingal County Council.

 Frank’s professional career as a geodetic surveyor involved mapping and positioning mainly in the exploration and mining industries in Ireland and overseas. He is a post-graduate of TCD and holds a PhD from the School of Archaeology, UCD. He is now emeritus at Technological University Dublin where he formerly lectured and was Head of Geo-Spatial Sciences.

Dr. Frank Prendergast

Frank Prenedrgast

This talk will showcase some of the extraordinary seabird populations of these offshore places and focus on some of their amazing migratory journeys. Ongoing scientific research to protect and conserve their numbers will also be featured as well as some interesting links between onshore heritage and the sea.

The coastline of Fingal, Co. Dublin, stretches northwards for more than 30 km from Ireland’s Eye to the Delvin River on the boundary with Co. Louth. Along the way six islands well known to sailors from earliest times offer habitat and sanctuary to wildlife.

Birdwatch Ireland

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