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TNT 29th December 2020 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ Pat Murphy – Pirate Alley Off Somalia

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This talk begins in........


Pirate Alley Off Somlia

Pat Murphy


Pat Murphy, who, with his late wife Olivia completed a 9 year 5,834 mile circumnavigation. This leg of their passage begins in Thailand and ends on exiting the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. Transiing en route Sri Lanka, India, the Indian Ocean, Oman, Yemen, the Red Sea, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt. The story of their journey is told in Pat’s inimitable style.

Their experiences during the passage include……

  • Forming a safety convoy
  • An armed escort
  • An overheating engine
  • A freightening incident on the Red Sea
  • The Suez Canal (Prison)
  • Disagreement with Suez officials
  • Avoiding mile long tuna fishing nets
  • An Indian wedding
  • Mr Fix it (everywhere)
  • A cracked car sump
  • Boat problems
  • Superb anchorages
  • Negotiating Oil Rigs
  • Egyptian baksheesh

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