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TNT 15th December 2020 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ Talking Tidal Flow – John Leahy

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John Leahy
Hon Sec., CAI
email honsec@cruising.ie

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John Leahy
Hon Sec CAI


This talk begins in........


John Leaky

Capt Leahy in cockpit seat

"Talking tidal flow!"

An entertaining evening  by John Leahy. Learn the intricacies of tidal flow and how you utilise them to ‘speed your journey’

John Leahy will take up where Charlie Kavanagh left off. Charlie explained the effect of tidal heights on the level of water in the seas around us. John will then take up the story of where the tidal currents arise and how they can reach speeds 10 its and more , while nearby there may be no tidal stream at all. The Menai Straits, a favourite cruising ground will be featured as a case study in understanding the massive effect tidal streams can have on our navigation and even survival.

  • Cause of tidal streams
  • Spring /Neap effects
  • How to find the data related to streams
  • How to plot a course to counteract the stream
  • How to know when not to counteract the stream! It can seriously ruin your day!
  • Effect of tidal streams with wind against tide
  • A case study. Dublin to Holyhead
  • A brief look at the Menai

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