Three Bridges Rally 2023 – Update

The Three Bridges Rally is in two weeks’ time on Saturday 2 September, and preparations are in hand for activities afloat and ashore. There will be music after dinner, most of it provided by the participants, so brush up your party pieces!

So far we have bookings for 14 boats with 46 people aboard. That’s useful and reassuring, but we suspect that many more are thinking of coming along who haven’t booked. If you’re one of those, then please submit your booking now. It’s quick and easy, and you can confirm or cancel next week if your plans change.

Event page:

To confirm a booking you need to pay an administration fee of €20 before the end of next week, and buy tickets for dinner too. If you don’t do that in time we’ll cancel the booking and you won’t be able to attend.

The shop on the event page has three products, available for any member to buy.

Administration fee: The member who booked should buy one of these, to confirm the booking and contribute to the fixed expenses of the event.

Dinner tickets: Each person attending the evening function in the Clarion hotel must have a ticket, and must be included in a booking. The skipper may buy tickets for everyone, or could ask crew members to buy their own.

Raffle tickets: Prize winners will be selected during or after dinner in the Carlton. We’ll accept cash or card payments during the event, and if you buy tickets online they will be included even you’re not there. All proceeds go to the RNLI.

Event page:

The weather will be dry and sunny, with a light southerly breeze. Or it won’t. Nobody knows until the day arrives, so we won’t be cancelling the event because of the weather. If you delay booking or paying because of a weather forecast you’re just making it harder for the organisers and may be denying yourself an enjoyable weekend. We expect everyone who has booked to turn up at the Clarion, even if you decide not to sail.

If you have any questions, send email to or post in the WhatsApp group ‘CAI Sailing’ (details on web page Discussion Forums).

Event page: