Swim from Wales

Gavin Doran wrote to ask for our help with a charity project. It’s outside the CAI’s brief, but members might want to participate individually.

If you want provide practical help or financial support get in touch with Gavin directly: email, telephone 0860834306.


“My name is Gavin and I am hoping to attempt a massive charity swim next summer to raise desperately needed funds for Pieta House. The swim is across the Irish Sea from Holyhead in Wales to Portmarnock beach in Dublin and has never been completed by a solo swimmer before. It has been attempted a few times previously and has been completed by some large relays teams which shows that it is possible.

“I met with some of the sailors in Malahide Yacht Club earlier this year to discuss logistics as that’s where I currently live and we were able to get a base plan in place. It centered around an average moving speed of 1.5-2 knots starting in Wales and working back towards Dublin. Unfortunately the support they were offering fell through and they aren’t in a position to help with the swim any longer. 

“They felt that it was certainly viable with the right weather conditions so I’m hoping that you may be able to either help with the swim or point me in the direction of someone who possibly could.”