Summer Cruises 2023 – Update


The Scottish islands aren’t as attractive as the sunny south-west of Ireland, it seems, and only four boats signed up for the northward cruise. Others might be travelling independently at different times, and we’re aware of at least one boat that’s already cruising up there.

A small fleet gives us more flexibility and we’re likely to spend some nights at anchor or on visitor moorings rather than marinas. We’ll launch the cruise from Bangor with lunch at the Royal Ulster Yacht Club, then head for Rathlin the next day.

Details are on the event page: Summer Cruise North 2023


As the start of the cruise approaches and we make more detailed plans, we’ve adjusted arrangements for the start. Instead of mustering in Greystones on 24 July the fleet will assemble in Arklow on 28 July.

This event is less structured than in the past, and its success will depend on open communication between the participants. Please voice your opinions to the cruise organiser using WhatsApp, email or telephone.

John Murphy 0868101263

Event page: Summer Cruise South 2023