Summer Cruise 2021 – Time to commit

Briefing notes published

So far 17 skippers representing 43 people have submitted provisional bookings for the cruise, and many have confirmed. With this information we’ve continued our detailed planning, and now we’ve published briefing notes for participants.

Confirm your booking

Before we make commitments to ports, marinas and caterers, we need to firm up on the number of boats and the number of people that will join the cruise.
Read the briefing notes, look at the fleet list, and decide whether you  want to come along.
Confirm your booking by paying the administration charge (€20) in the event shop. You can buy tickets for the meal in Arklow at the same time.
If you haven’t booked at all it’s not too late – we’re still accepting new bookings today and tomorrow (Friday 23 July). After that, any provisional bookings that haven’t been confirmed will be cancelled.

What next?

We’ll contact all the confirmed participants by email to get an idea of each boat’s itinerary. Some will join late, leave early or skip some ports.

We also want to know how many people might be aboard at each stop, for catering, social and contact tracing purposes.

Arklow barbecue tickets are on sale until next Monday 26 July. You must pay in advance, and if you don’t have a ticket you won’t be served.

We know it’s hard to predict what will happen on a cruise and we expect plans to change. That’s fine, but please let us know using the booking form, or email, or WhatsApp.

Event page

The event page on our website has everything you need: detailed itinerary, booking form, briefing notes and the event shop. Login and choose ‘Events’ in the menu, or use this direct link:
You can always reach us, the organisers, at this email address:
If you have difficulty with any of this, contact me directly using WhatsApp or telephone and I’ll try to help:
Simon Parker 0872497859