Summer Cruise 2021

Summer Cruise 2021 – Invitation

The Association’s next event will be the Summer Cruise to the South East of Ireland, rounding the corner and exploring the freshwaters of the Suir and Barrow up to Waterford and New Ross.

The itinerary will take us from the musters in Malahide and Dun Laoghaire in comfortable steps including Arklow, Kilmore Quay, Waterford and New Ross with plenty of scope to vary your route a little and possibly even spend a night or two at anchor.

The cruise could be extended to other ports such as Wexford on return, or on to Cork even Dingle for those with the time.

This keeps the cruise in our own waters, lest Brexit or Covid restrictions intervene. It also makes for easy cruising in familiar waters, with short legs and public transport to the main ports.


Malahide Sunday 1 August

Dun Laoghaire Monday

Arklow Tuesday and Wednesday

Kilmore Quay Thursday

Waterford Friday and Saturday

New Ross Sunday and Monday

Cheek Point Tuesday 10 August

Kilmore Quay Wednesday

Arklow Thursday

Greystones Friday

Dun Laoghaire Saturday

(More details are on the web site)


Covid-19 restrictions are being eased, but we are taking a cautious approach.

Before the start of the cruise, we shall designate catering groups, or ‘pods’, of up to six people. Groups will be fixed for the whole of the cruise.

Talk to your friends, and let us know which boats want to share a table.

What next?

If you think you might join us, submit a provisional booking. It won’t commit you to anything, and the information will help us plan the cruise.

During the coming weeks we’ll publish more detailed information for participants, including a fleet list and briefing notes.

The event page on our website has everything you need: detailed itinerary, booking form, documents and the event shop. Choose ‘Events’ in the menu, or use this direct link:

You can always reach us, the organisers, at this email address:

CAI event organisers<>