From the forums – Coppercoat

In response to an enquiry by Andrew Kenny in CAI Clubhouse, Mark kindly gave us the benefit of his experience…

I got Coppercoat applied in 2015 and, on balance, I think I am pleased with it and would do it again.

Opinion varies about it and I have not yet met a professional who says a good word about it. I had some spots develop in the Coppercoat (first started to appear after about 4 years) and there was much to-ing and fro-ing and finger-pointing between Coppercoat and the yard that applied it. Those spots were patched by the yard and since then some spots develop every year and I patch them myself (not that difficult or that much work).

Coppercoat maintains that the Coppercoat does not need to be ‘activated’ (lightly sanded) every year, but I find that it does. It is certainly much more ecologically friendly than conventional anti-fouling.

One question I have had is how effective is it compared to conventional anti-fouling. Very difficult to judge. To that end I have conventional anti-fouling on my rudder this year (the rudder was being rebuilt anyway) so I can compare the effectiveness of both at the end of the season.

The photo also shows the spots I patched this year (the spots themselves were only maybe 5 to 10mm in diameter, but when sanding down the new Coppercoat it exposes fresh copper and so the patches appear much bigger).

I would hope to get another 3 or 4 seasons out of it before either reapplying or changing to something else.