Boat electrical systems

On a boat, you have a harsh, damp, salt-laden atmosphere. Add to this the constant vibrations from waves, wind and engines and it is no wonder that installations which would be fine ashore, or on a vehicle, do not last very long on a boat.

In the 2018 Golden Globe race Gregor McGuckin’s yacht rolled, dismasted and was abandoned to drift in the Indian Ocean. In 2020 she was discovered a thousand miles away with solar panels working and AIS still transmitting.

That remarkably robust electrical installation was designed and fitted in Dun Laoghaire by our speaker, Paul Cunningham. He has been providing a one-stop service since 2004, and is well known to many members.

Paul will review the current offerings of technological wizardry and point out the pitfalls of not understanding the special requirements of modern hi-tech batteries and systems. The Q&A session that follows is likely to be lively.

Contact Paul Cunningham at Marine Electrics, Dun Laoghaire.

Tuesday 8 February 19:30 in the CAI Zoom meeting

The event is open to CAI members. Login for connection details and a link.