TNT TUESDAY NIGHT TALK 2 JUNE 20:00 HOURS Part 2 Weather to Sail – or not?

Our Tuesday night cruising talk which we will maintain until normal cruising activity resumes. And who knows, beyond?

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Firstly welcome to our new website and our next Tuesday Night Talk (TNT!) Please login early to check your connection and chat with like minded friends, new and old alike. Please remember that John will open Zoom at 19:00 hrs for member chat and test audio.  Remember too, to mute your microphone for the duration of the talk. Should you wish to ask questions afterwards, there is a RAISE HAND facility on every device under “participants” and the secretary will invite you to speak in turn.
We continue our series of Tuesday Night Zoom talks which have now moved to every second week until we get back properly afloat, when we will suspend them until the Autumn. Throughout these recent lockdown months we have found them so far to be a great way to staying touch on a Tuesday evening. No doubt when summer ends we will resume them with an array of interesting speakers and topics. 

This one is a combined talk starting  with an update from our Commodore Vincent Lundy on the next big relaxation on 8 June which is expected to make life a lot easier for getting back afloat. Not enough for some probably but a step in the right direction. Latest info from competent authorities and marina updates will be available. 

This will be followed by run through an area of our website which is a fund of information called “resources” in which you can find all manner of interesting topics, including ten weather sites. The all differ. They all have their pros and cons. They are all good in their own way. Some are accurate but are only for 18 hours. Others venture out to ten days but with accuracy diminishing with time  – but still pretty good as we shall see. 

John Leahy
Hon Sec., CAI

Please see the link below to our member meeting to which all fully paid up members are invited. 

Your task # 2 ! Write a forecast now for 2 June Midday.

Use your favourite weather source. We have updated our website again with new resources to facilitate weather forecasting.
Last week I asked you to write a forecast for 2 June the night of the talk ten days out. So far I have had one response but it is not too late. Write a forecast NOW for Tuesday evening and see how close you can get  on the night. A round of applause for the closest!
 Take in wind/cloud/ precipitation/temperature/ pressure and pressure trend. And even the weather itself! Maybe an outlook for Wednesday. In short if we were actually planning on a sail next Tuesday, what would be possible.?

Some nice pics from Clifford Brown on cloud formations. But what secrets do they hold?

The resources may be viewed on our website by following this link.
Retired airline pilot and Hon Secretary John Leahy will guide you through the many excellent sites now available and how to use them. The talk will be followed by a briefing by our Commodore Vincent Lundy on Phase2 of Covid regs. along with a general discussion.
So- no cheating! Write your forecast and let’s see how close we can get 5 days out. Some sites go to ten days now with remarkable accuracy.
All the best. Enjoy the weather!
John Leahy

Any questions for the meeting please to
TXT also available on 0871360380


We will read them out in order of receipt on the night and endeavour to answer them if that is at all possible. Questions may also be posed on the night by ZOOM CHAT and will again be recorded and read out by our Co Host that night. 

Our policy is clear. SAIL SMART – SAIL SAFE.
Apply the same rigour to Covid Regs, while going out on the boat as you would normally in terms of weather and tide and seamanship. 

We hope to see you out in the Bay very soon, at a safe distance of course!
John Leahy on behalf of the Commodore Vincent Lundy and the committee.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

John Leahy
Hon Sec CAI