TNT 17th November 2020 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ Charlie Kavanagh “Talking Tides”

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This talk begins in........


"Time and tides stand still for no man"

An entertaining evening  with Charlie Kavanagh. Vastly experienced he is an RYA/ISA qualified Yachtmaster Instructor/Examiner

Charlie Kavanagh


Charlie Kavanagh - "The magic of the tides"

Charlie Kavanagh – “The magic of the tides” will be the second of our winter tutorials. Charlie will take us through a enjoyable but informative discussion of a selection of tidal subjects such as  Causes of tides, Causes of tidal streams, Springs and neaps, Equinoctial tides, Tidal ranges, Tide tables  both paper and electronic. 
Looking at charts and applying the tidal heights.Standard and secondary ports. The picture of the CAI fleet going through the Menai (below) would not have been possible without each skipper having a good understanding of the tides. Or perhaps following the skipper in front who did!. In any event,  we look forward to . Zoom details here. 

Before After

So how exactly do tides work? Well, tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon on the oceans. Twice a month when the sun, earth and moon are in line the effect is the greatest causing a SPRING TIDE, with the difference between high water and low water is at its most extreme. At the half moon phase, when the sun and the moon are at right angles and the pull has weakened, this is called a NEAP TIDE.


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