Tide Tables and More

Every Spring Sea Learning publishes a fresh edition of this essential booklet and I buy two copies, one for home and one for the boat. It’s convenient, authoritative, packed with useful details and it never needs charging.

Buy it on the publisher’s website now for less than €6:

All Ireland Tide Tables 2024 includes a very useful map of the Met Eireann marine weather services, a list of weather-service telephone numbers, the RTE & BBC weather-forecast schedule, an invaluable map of the “Irish Coast Guard” & “NI Coastguard” Marine VHF communications network with times of weather forecasts, and a must know “MAYDAY PROTOCOL”.

Tidal times and heights (reproduced by permission of the UK Hydrographic Office) are provided for the five Primary Ports of Dublin, Cobh, Galway, Tarbert Island & Belfast, together with local variations for 120 Secondary Ports around the Irish coast. Also included are the daily maximum and minimum time and height differences for high tide at all ports.