Three Bridges 2023

Reproduced by permission from Masthead, the newsletter of Malahide Yacht Club.

A few Malahide boats took advantage of the opportunity to sail into the Liffey with about 40 other boats over the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Port and Poolbeg and learn a little about pilotage in close quarters.  

The assembled fleet streamed through the Eastlink Bridge at 3 pm on Saturday and most did not come back out until 11 a.m. Sunday having spent a nice evening of dining and entertainment at the Clayton Hotel on Cardiff lane.  Most halyards were well tied down and onboard dogs mercifully quiet so it was a relatively quiet night on the river docked against the pontoon beneath the Point Depot.

Weather on Saturday was beautiful and there was just enough wind in the river for a small few boats to raise sail, while most of the others were well festooned in flags, for a very colourful parade.  Space was a touch constrained as technical issues confined us to the space between the East Link and the Convention Centre.  Among those boats with full sail raised were two Dublin Bay 21s.  Beautiful vessels about which we are to receive a talk later in the Autumn.  Details to follow on that.

Sunday came and a light easterly did not help boats to get around the Bailey on the way home, but there was a nice sailing possibility from Howth over to Malahide, in some of this Summer’s best weather.  A Squib regatta and many other boats on the water made for lots of things to see.

Thanks to the CAI organisers, including John Murphy, Simon Parker, Fiona Davis, Mike Kelly, Aidan Coughlan, and our own Vincent Lundy for all their efforts.

Other video available at Junk Rig Association YouTube channel and Joe St Leger YouTube Channel


images below courtesy Aidan Coghlan