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Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise in Company to Scotland 21st June – 6th July 2020 Isle of Mull

The cruise starts in Bangor Co Down on Sunday 21 June . The idea is to cruise up to Bangor at leisure during the preceding week, or as desired.  Berthing at the marina is at a good discount for the number of days you wish to stay thanks to Kevin Baird, the marina manager who always looks after us.

Saturday 20 June there is lunch in the Royal Ulster YC from around 1300 which is an excellent buffet. Our thanks to the Commodore and committee for facilitating us there.

Sunday 21 is departure date for Rathlin and Ballycastle as desired. We should all fit into Rathlin on the new pontoon but Ballycastle is also available. The cruise the follows the plan below.

Plenty of time ashore, passages not too long and three places with hotels. Marinas at Rathlin, Ballycastle, Port Ellen, Craobh Haven, Ardfern and Bangor/Belfast Abercorn.