Passage Plan Checklist

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Enter Details of Vessel and Passage:

Vessel NameDestinationDeparture from
SkipperVessel LOAVessel Draft
Vessel call sign
Vessel MMSISkippers mobile no

Enter Expected Weather: [Useful resources: Windy ↔ Met Eir Forecasts Other weather info]

PrecipitationRadio freq for forecastTime of forecast
Wind dirWind spdGusts
Other info re weather:

Enter Tide Details:(Tide times and heights)

To get 7 day tide info, select a location then click on “Submit” – a new tab will open with data from “”.

PortHigh TideLow Tide

Other tide and current information:

Enter Details of Crew:

NameTelephoneNext of kin & no.
Special notes re crew (medical issues, inexperience, limitations etc. Does this crew have what you need for this trip? Do you need to plan a safety briefing?)

Enter Details of Route: [Useful resources: Navionics Charts]

Enter your planned route, including all key waypoints (e.g. “Lambay Cardinal marker”, “1/2 NM east of Bailey” or Lat and long), distance to waypoint (DTW), course to waypoint (CTW), course to steer (CTS), ETA at waypoint or time to get to it:

WaypointDTWCTSETA/time to wpnt

Special route details: including shipping channels, restricted areas etc:

Navigation dangers: check up-to-date charts and current pilot books, and be aware of all hazards en route. Shoals, overfalls, obstacles, limited depth, overhead obstacles or obstructions, reefs [Useful resources:  Online pilot books/harbour guidesNavionics Charts]


you also need to plan for the unexpected, worsening weather, unexpected wind conditions, illness or injury, gear failure, impact of delays on planning, vaguely mutinous crew. What are your contingency plans, including alternate ports/havens?

Harbours/Marinas/anchorages: Write here the special features and information you need to have to hand for your departure port, your destination and your alternate ports/havens, in terms of buoyage, approach, transits etc. Make a separate sketch if necessary.[Useful resources:  Online pilot books/harbour guides]

VHF frequencies and numbers: Write here the VHF frequencies and telephone numbers of all the harbours, marinas, alternate ports, pubs and emergency services that you may need for this journey. [Useful resources: UK and Irl Marine Channel list ↔ Coastguard Station List]

Safety: have you all the necessary equipment for this boat, this passage and this crew?

[Useful resources:  Boat equipment checklist]

Engine: have you checked your engine?

[Useful resources:  Boat engine checklist]

Fuel: diesel and/or petrol required for this journey, having regard to conditions and contingencies:

Can you get to port in all states of tide if your gear fails?


Navionics Chart

Navionics Web API v2