Howth event – From Dublin Time to the James Webb Telescope

Professor Tom Ray will tell the story of how Dunsink Observatory began by providing a time service to Dublin Port but now helps build instruments for space, such as the James Webb Space Telescope.

Some of the latest fascinating results from the Webb will be explained and what their implications are for our understanding of the Universe.


The talk has been organised by the Howth cruising group and will be presented at Howth Yacht Club on Wednesday 26 October at 19:30. There is no charge.

Members of Howth Yacht Club can just turn up, but places for guests are limited and you must register in advance.

If you want to attend, just send your name (and the names of others in your party) by email to


A Stellar Nursery in Carina (The Ship’s Hull). Here new stars and planets are being born shrouded in dust and gas. Here we get an idea of what conditions were like in our Solar System 5 billion years ago, when the Sun and the Earth were formed.

Credit:  NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI