eOceanic mind-meld

eOceanic update 2024

Club night talk by Michael Harpur of eOceanic.

The Cruising Association of Ireland has a unique vantage point on eOceanic.

We witnessed eOceanic.com‘s metamorphosis from its humble inyourfootsteps.com beginnings to the formidable source of sailing information it is today. One that now boasts a quarter of a million users who have discovered it and rely on it each year for insights.

But the CAI, unlike any of these users, has also experienced the application that has been under development for almost a decade and is now on the brink of launch.

In this update for the first time, Michael Harpur, eOceanic’s founder, will provide you with an insider’s perspective on the application’s purpose, what it aims to achieve, how it differs from its predecessors, and how it has the potential to revolutionise the world of sailing.

19:30 on Wednesday 31 January on Zoom. Open to all members. Link in the Discussion Forums page.

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