Clubhouse Chatter

WhatsApp chat groups are the most used features of our infrastructure. This month members have discussed these topics…

CAI Clubhouse

Acquiring paper charts
Old engines and online commerce
Gas sensors, alarms and hoses
Flag etiquette
Person Overboard procedures
Westerly Longbow for sale
Teak oil and varnish
Bavaria lockers
Mooring on a swinging buoy
Old sailors and old boats
Second-hand boat prices
Old aircraft

CAI Sailing

Greystones Rally, Whistle Stop Tour
News of various passages
Steam from Yanmar exhaust
Man Overboard practise
Seasickness remedies
Web forums vs WhatsApp chats
Darkness Into Light events
Boom brake
Vinyl masking tape
3D printing
Drowned phone
Rigging suppliers
Haggis and Lutefisk