A tall ship among ice with penguins in the foreground

Club Night Talk – Sailing to Antarctica

A talk by Myles Ripley

Myles Ripley, a biologist, sailor and teacher, recently embarked on a 50-day, 4,500 mile sailing adventure to Antarctica on-board the 45m+ tall ship Bark Europa. Built in 1911 in Germany, Europa can carry a total crew in excess of 60, all of whom are fully involved in sailing the vessel. The journey started in Montevideo, Uruguay, and visited the Falkland Islands and South Georgia en route to Antarctica. Join Myles for what’s sure to be a fascinating guest talk on his expedition – crossing oceans, visiting some of the world’s most remote places, and taking in extraordinary wildlife along the way.

Tune in on Wednesday 3rd April at 7:30pm!

CAI Zoom room – see discussion forums page