Capt Leahy in cockpit seat

CAI Tuesday Night Talks – Tuesday 7th April @ 1900hrs

Boeing 737 Max Saga


Tuesday 7th April, 1900 hrs, discussion on Boeing 737 Max saga which even before the current Covid crisis had brought Boeing to the point of bankruptcy. Why did the two planes crash? Was it, as suggested, a fatal invisible flaw that no normal airline pilot could overcome? Or was it a deeper systematic failure of which the MCAS system, blamed widely as the cause of the crashes, was only a small factor in a chain of events? The talk followed by Q&A will be on ZOOM at 1900. You can listen to John Leahy’s recent radio interview on Dublin City Radio ( with Donal Webb) here. It is a one hour interview live with no edits. Listen to the podcast first using the link before the podcast. John will host a chat session to discuss these issues which led to the disasters and any other related issues.

Image courtesy of The Boeing Company

John Leahy
Cruising Association of Ireland