Photography Competition 2023

How to enter

Send an email message to before the end of January

Attach image and/or video files in any format

Include your name, and a title for each item. Use this convention for your filenames if you can:

<forename> – <surname> – <title> . <extension>

For example: john-smith-sunset-party.jpg


Up to three digital photographs and one video will be accepted from each person

Video may be edited, but must be no longer than two minutes

Items should be recent, and related to sailing or cruising

When you enter, you are providing user content to the CAI. That means:

  • The content must be your own work and copyright will remain with you.
  • CAI may use your content in the context of the competition, always attributing the source. If you disagree, don’t submit an entry.
  • CAI may use the content in other contexts for the benefit of CAI, in whole or in part, with or without attribution. If you disagree, tell us explicitly when you enter. We’ll respect your preference and accept your entry without penalty.


Prizes may be awarded in at least two classes:

  • Photographs
  • Videos

The actual number of classes and prizes depends on the number and nature of entries received.

Prizes will be presented to winners at the AGM in March.


  • Eugene Langan
  • Aidan Coughlan
  • Paul Fay
  • Margaret Fay
  • Kevin Cardiff