Aerial view of Malahide Marina

Malahide Muster 2024

Saturday 11 May

Malahide Yacht Club (MYC) have a great reputation for welcoming the CAI with open arms and providing their facilities for the CAI to enjoy. This is a great opportunity to socialise, talk the talk, feast and enjoy yourselves. Maybe even bring your voice or instrument for a bit of a seisiún.

As well as MYC and CAI members, cruisers from Howth Yacht Club, National Yacht Club and perhaps Down Cruising Club will participate.

Some plan to spend Friday night at anchor off Lambay Island and support the Darkness Into Light event by sailing in at dawn.

On Saturday, assemble at the Safe Water Mark (SWM) at 13:30 for a short cruise, perhaps round Ireland’s Eye or Lambay Island then back to Malahide. Alternatively, join the club races starting at 13:00 from the SWM.

A barbecue dinner will be served at the club from 17:00. This is the regular chef’s last outing before retirement.

Organiser: Vincent Lundy 0874117575


The marina is generously offering a discount of 25% for berthing on Saturday night, but only to boats that book in advance.

For the barbecue dinner on Saturday evening you need to choose a dish (steak, fish, chicken or vegetarian) and pay €25 per person in advance.

Darkness Into Light

MYC and guest cruisers will meet at the Malahide Safe Water Mark to join in the Darkness Into Light sail.

The event officially starts nationwide on Saturday at 4.15 am. Boats should rally at the mark by 4 am, then sail towards High Rock and back to Malahide Marina.

The MYC Café will be open for refreshments from 6 am.

Tide and light times

Dublin Port, local time

Fri 10 May
01:26 3.98 HW
05:33 Sunrise
07:13 0.44 LW
13:54 4.01 HW
19:33 0.63 LW
21:10 Sunset
Sat 11 May
02:08 3.93 HW
05:31 Sunrise
08:02 0.54 LW
14:42 3.84 HW
20:18 0.86 LW
21:11 Sunset
Sun 12 May
02:53 3.84 HW
05:29 Sunrise
08:54 0.68 LW
15:33 3.65 HW
21:06 1.09 LW
21:13 Sunset