Greystones town and harbour at dusk

Greystones Rally 2023

Sail to Greystones at the Easter weekend and dine together ashore.

Saturday 8 April Sail to Greystones (HW 18:47 Spring)

Sunday 9 April Disperse to home ports

We have a group booking at Bochelli’s restaurant on Saturday evening.

This event is open to CAI members and their guests.

Organisers: Brendan Farrell 0860254704, Simon Parker 0872497859


This is a one-night rally so we aren’t charging an administration fee. The restaurant will take orders and collect payment at the table, so there’s no need to choose dishes or pay in advance.

However, we need to give accurate numbers to the marina and the restaurant so it’s important to tell us if you intend to come along. Complete a booking form here, even if you don’t intend to arrive by boat.

Before the event, we’ll ask you to confirm or cancel the booking.