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John Leahy
Hon Sec., CAI

Norman is a long time member of our Association, and lives in Courtmacsherry. He sails with his partner Geraldine, far and wide. In particular they love the last wilderness in Europe, NW Ireland. He sails a fine Warrior 40 called Coire Usge.

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Sailing Directions and Cruising the joys and woes of an Editor

Norman Kean Editor Sailing Directions

Norman Kean, FRIN

Written and illustrated pilotage information is an essential aid to navigation, and traditionally this has been provided by a wide range of hard-copy books. Electronic versions and websites have been making an appearance, but paper books have an enduring popularity. Norman Kean has been sailing the coast of Ireland since 1980, contributing to pilot books since 1984, and has been Editor of the ICC Sailing Directions since 2005.  

He has written many articles on pilotage and other subjects for Yachting Monthly, and has addressed audiences all over Great Britain and Ireland.

He describes the way in which pilot books are compiled, and presents his own forthright views on what makes good pilotage information and what doesn’t, the pros and cons of electronic versus paper format, possible future developments, and some tales from his long experience of occasional success and sometimes hilarious failure. 


Norman is no stranger to our members having given talks on a variety of subjects from Amphidromic tidal gyres, to plain common sense everyday stuff like the lobster pot menace and Yacht Registration in Ireland, or more accurately the lack of a simple system for smaller yachts.