Waterford and New Ross – Thank you.

Article by John Murphy

Simon’s name for last year’s attempt to reach New Ross, The Siege of the Hook, is appropriate. Four days of waiting for the weather saw us get a great knowledge of Kilmore Quay!

This year we were determined to get there and when we did, we were met by some great people. I spent a few extra days in Waterford, with Asile, as we wanted to be there in advance of the fleet to make sure of the berth arrangements. I needn’t have worried. Johnny Codd of Waterford County Council, who runs the Marina, had everything in hand. He’d set aside berths to allow us to be together, agreed on a very favorable rate for the CAI, and sorted out power cards.

Ashore Waterford is a revelation for those who don’t know it well. Great music, well developed public spaces and shopping for supplies adjacent to the Marina – it’s a great location. While there we met Sinead Murphy who runs the River Rescue; there is quite a story there for another article on our website!

The experience was equally good in New Ross. A short and interesting voyage (down the river and through the open swing bridge, under the New Bridge, and alongside in New Ross in no time) saw us achieve the second objective. All the arrangements that Charlie Kavanagh had put in place made it easy. Almost everyone attended the Historical Walk that Charlie arranged with Myles Courtney, the main man behind the New Ross resurgence in understanding its history. It was a great way to learn about the town.

In conclusion, I wish to acknowledge and thank the following people. Waterford: Johnny Codd, Sinead Murphy and the staff at the Three Shippes. New Ross: Mick Mahon and Shirley O’Neill. I’d also like to say thanks to Aidan Bates of Kilmore Quay, who looked after us again this year as we converged on Waterford. All couldn’t have been more helpful to facilitate the CAI.

Don’t forget our port coordinator and well known CAI member Charlie Kavanagh, who drove between Kilmore Quay, Waterford, and New Ross many times to make sure all was working!

A big thanks to everyone.

(Photograph: We were in Waterford long enough for Simon to go native!)