Kingstown Lifeboat capsized durig rescue attempt

TNT 15th February 2022 @ 19:30 HOURS ~ The Palme Shipwreck and the Dublin Bay Lifeboat Disaster of 1895

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This talk begins in........

The Palme shipwreck and Kingstown Lifeboat Disaster

Christmas Eve 1895


Cormac F Lowth DBOGA

Renowned Dublin maritime historian and Dublin Bay Old Gaffers Association, DBOGA member, Cormac Lowth will describe the circumstances which led up to the loss of the Palme in Dublin Bay on Christmas Eve 1895 and of the rescue attempt made by the Kingstown lifeboat “Civil Service 7”. Not only does Cormac have this breadth of knowledge and comprehensive range of material to go with it, but he is more than generous in sharing it with others across the widest imaginable range of topics, including maritime art and inside stories of waterfront community development.

The SS Palme, a 1,114 ton barque,

The SS Palme, a 1,114 ton barque,

Kingstown Lifeboat capsized durig rescue attempt

Cormac Lowth describes the circumstances which led up to the loss of the Palme in Dublin Bay on Christmas Eve 1895 She was commanded by Captain Wiren. He was accompanied by his wife and child. There was a crew of seventeen, three of whom spoke English. She went ashore at Seapoint in a gale of wind. A new lifeboat, Civil Service Number One had recently been delivered to Kingstown (now Dún Laoghaire). Under Coxswain Alexander Williams it went to assist the Palme. As she approached the Palme, the crew lowered the sails and rowed. Then, in full public view, the lifeboat was raised by a mighty wave and then capsized. Some of the lifeboat crew managed to climb onto the upturned hull. The crew of the Palme then tried to launch their longboat, in the hope of rescuing their rescuers. This longboat was smashed by the waves. The older lifeboat Hannah Pickard, under Coxswain Horner, then went to sea. She was also capsized, but righted herself and her crew all got back on board.

 We are all reminded of the RNLI’s lifesaving ethos.
Cormac will illustrate his talk with many contemporary photographs, drawings and paintings. We have, via Cian Gallagher, specifically asked Cormac to talk on this tragedy to remind us all of the RNLI’s lifesaving ethos. .

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References and acknowledgements for content.

Dublin Bay Old Gaffers Association Hon Sec. Darryl Hughes
Colin Stroud of the OGA for permission to use text and images.
RNLI Howth Lifeboat Station

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