Two sailing yachts drying out alongside a wall in Menai Bridge

Summer Cruise 2024 – Asile’s story

Wed 19 June – Load the boat in Arklow, evening in the club.

Thur 20 June – Up 05:30, depart 06:00 with Salubrious, no wind. Increasing near Holyhead. Arrived soon after 18:00, 12 hours. Dinner aboard, then music in Holyhead Sailing club.

Fri 21 June – Lay day in Holyhead. Walk round town, lunch in the Bistro, glance at the museum.

Sat 22 June – Up 05:30, depart 06:00 in company with ten others. Brisk W wind, reach to Carmel Point, run along Anglesey, reach to Conwy in rising wind. Alongside in Conwy on schedule just after HW. Evening in Mulberry Arms in the marina.

Sun 23 June – Lay day in Conwy. Sunny, hot, calm. Walked around town, discovered beer garden behind VinoMundo, dinner for ten in Alfredo’s, then to Bank of Conwy pub.

Mon 24 June – Conway, sunny, hot, calm. Hiked round Great Orme Head with Colm and Catherine.

Tues 25 June – Conwy to Menai Bridge at lunchtime. Drying berth against the wall below a Fire Service training centre, dinner in gastropub Victoria Arms.

Wed 26 June – Swellies to Port Dinowic with four others, rest straight to Caernarfon. Dinner ashore, singing with locals in Garthfon Inn. Marina was recently bought by three enthusiasts with old boats.

Thurs 27 June – To Caernarfon against strong S wind and tide. Gusting 42kt, but all reached Caernarfon before the gate closed. Dinner in the Old Courthouse restaurant, almost all participants present. Musical contributions from many, including our hostess Moira on piano and accordion.

Fri 28 June – Three intrepid big boats left in the afternoon in strong S wind. Remainder stayed, explored town, met up in Royal Welsh Yacht Club where John Murphy presented a burgee to the commodore. Lots more music.

Sat 29 June – Entire fleet left in the afternoon in rain and strong wind. After crossing the bar Asile anchored for the night in Pilot’s Cove. Wind went north and sea state improved.

Sun 30 June – Up 04:30, depart 05:00 at HW. Wind N then NW 18 to 24kt in a rough sea. Good progress in uncomfortable conditions with sails and engine, then strong N tide and dying wind slowed us down approaching the coast. Alongside Arklow 18:20.

Many thanks to Cliff Brown and John Leahy for organising the event.

If these notes inspire you to record your own experience, please send text and photographs to

Simon Parker