• All entries should be your own work
  • Anything to do with Sailing and/or, Cruising , Seascapes etc. is acceptable at judges discretion. 
  • Colour, monochrome, abstract, action, sailboats, cruising life, seascapes etc. all suitable.
  • Entries will be considered subjectively by judges on suitability of subject matter as well as on technical and aesthetic merit.
  • No time restriction – it does not have to have been taken in any particular time period, it can be from your photo archives if you wish.

Prize sponsorship

PRIZES are co-sponsored by CAI and CH Marine 

CAI Membership prizes


  • PHOTO #1 – €75 CH Marine Voucher
  • PHOTO #2 – €50 CH Marine Voucher
  • PHOTO #3 – €50 CH Marine Voucher
  • PHOTO #4 – €25 CH Marine Voucher
  • PHOTO #5 – €25 CH Marine Voucher


  • VIDEO #1 – €75 CH Marine Voucher
  • The perpetual trophy goes to the best of the members Photos & Videos

Open Category Prizes

These prizes are open to non-members as well as CAI Members , and both Photo and Videos can compete in this category. 

Non-Members submissions will automatically be entered in this category only. Submissions from CAI members will be entered in both categories simultaneously.

  • PHOTO or VIDEO #1 – €100 CH Marine Voucher
  • PHOTO or VIDEO #2 – €100 CH Marine Voucher

Entry Requirements & Technical

ENTRIES: Up to three Photographs AND/OR one Video (no more than 3 minutes long) per entrant.

  • CLOSING DATE: Entries must be received by the end of SUNDAY 11th February
  • RESULTS ANNOUNCED : At the CAI AGM on 09 March
  • NO SPECIFIC TECHNICAL  REQUIREMENTS  – Send your photos in as much resolution as you find practical as winners may be printed at around A3/A4 sizes if quality permits. However this is not a technical competition, and phone photographs will be perfectly acceptable.
  • Email your images & videos to COMPETITIONS@CRUISING.IE before Sunday 11th Feb 

 Include this information in your email
  • Name and phone number
  • Are you a member of the CAI? Non-members are welcome and will automatically be entered in the open category.
  • Title of the submission
  • Background text about the submission (optional) – where and when was the photo or video taken?, what were the circumstances ?
  • Background text about you (Optional) – Are you a sailor? Are you a member of a Sailing Club? Are you an experienced photographer? 
  • If we publish your submission, we may publish some of the background text.

Permissions / Rights

  • Copyright on all images remains with the photographer/videographer.
  • However, entering the competition gives implicit permission for winning entries to be published in the context of the CAI Photo competition.
  •  The CAI would appreciate rights to use of the competition images for general publicity and CAI events. For that purpose, unless you explicitly request otherwise while submitting entries you implicitly agree to grant the CAI permission to publish the images for the promotion of the CAI on our website, printed and social media channels. All reasonable efforts will be made to credit the photographer, but it is not possible to guarantee that images or video will be credited to the individual photographer in every case now or in the future. If you prefer for your images not to be used in this context at all, please state this explicitly with your entry and we will ensure they are not added to the photo library for future use.