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Members pay a fee every January to retain membership rights for the rest of the calendar year. For those who don’t pay, membership expires at the end of February.
The joining fee is the same as the renewal fee, and the new membership lasts for the remainder of the calendar year. For members who join after the end of September, the first renewal is free.
A single membership subscription covers one person, the subscriber. A family membership subscription may cover many people: the subscriber, the subscriber’s spouse, and their dependent children. Each of these people is a member with individual access to the website and forums, but children may not vote at general meetings.
We are an open organisation and in principle we welcome anyone with an interest in cruising in Irish coastal waters. This application process helps to protect the Association, our resources and our members from abuse.
  1. The applicant pays a joining fee in the online shop, providing contact details at checkout. We consider this to be an application for membership and acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  2. The committee considers the application, perhaps contacting the applicant for more information. Unless there’s good reason to reject it, the application is accepted.
  3. The applicant’s email address is checked using a message with a confirmation link.
  4. A membership record, username and password are created and a welcome message is sent to the new member.
  5. A physical welcome pack is sent by post, which includes a complimentary burgee.
  6. The member logs in to the website and uses the invitation links in the ‘Discussion Forums’ page to join the WhatsApp forums.
  7. For family members the membership secretary asks the new member for contact details of the rest of the family and steps 3, 4 and 5 are repeated for each of them.
For formal definitions, terms and conditions see the documents under ‘Legals’ in the footer of every page in the website.
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For membership enquiries contact

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