Club Night Talks – Cruising Weather

All welcome!

Club nights on Zoom are reserved for members only, including the talks we arrange from time to time.

Exceptionally, we have decided to allow non-members to attend this talk.

Feel free to share this link with friends, crew and other organisations. Doors open 19:00, limit 100 people.

Sophisticated computer models encapsulate humanity’s growing understanding of global weather. When planning an outing, a cruising sailor can take advantage of a huge amount of information that is readily available online.

To stay safe at sea we need to monitor the actual weather and compare it to the forecast. Observations of clouds, pressure and temperature changes are ancient skills that are still important today.

Our boats move slowly through local weather systems, but commercial aircraft encounter dramatically different conditions that change minute by minute. As a professional pilot John Leahy learned a great deal about weather and forecasting. It has been an abiding fascination throughout his professional and sailing careers, and he has shared his knowledge and passion with us for many years.

We are fortunate to have another opportunity to benefit from his wisdom when he presents a Club Night talk in the CAI Zoom room at 19:30 on Wednesday 25 January.

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